This is a crossover RP of Teen Wolf, The Secret Circle, The Vampire Diairies, and True Blood!
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Tue Jul 23, 2013 6:39 pm by Pam De Beaufort
Welcome to Crystal Waters - a gated community where the Supernatural beings and Humans can co-exist to maintain balance. Vampires have made this happen by broadcasting their existance throughout the world on Live Television, which convinced other Supernaturals to do the same as well, showing the Humans that they want to be at peace with them. However, a lot of things happen in this community that …

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Sat Jul 20, 2013 5:35 pm by Pam De Beaufort

Mature RP: We do allow Mature RP on the forum, especially since True Blood has adult language and content in it all the time. Try to at least keep it to a minimum though.

Short Posts: Please, no one-lined posts. If you can't think of anything, tell how your character is feeling at that exact moment (Joy, anger, fear, etc.) and describe the character's surroundings as well.

No God …

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 Role Playing Example #1 (First Person and Third Person)

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Pam De Beaufort
Pam De Beaufort

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PostSubject: Role Playing Example #1 (First Person and Third Person)   Thu Jul 25, 2013 6:27 pm

We all know first and third person posting, but what I want to say is this. I doesn't matter what kind of way you post as your character. To be honest, when I have more than one character, which I do, I switch it up from time to time to keep things interesting. I will not force you post a certain way on the Site. So anyways, with out further ado, Here's a Sample Post of me Rping as Pam in First Person, then the Post after that will be Third Person!

Post Sample (First Person):

I sat at the counter of the bar, counting the money I had made thoughout the night. Tara was busy with something I don't really care about, and Janice went home at midnight. I used my super speed, quickly counting the piles of money, shifting them from hand to hand, then putting them back on the counter. I sighed in anger when I realized we didn't meet our daily quota - five thousand. "Are you fucking kidding me!?" I shouted at the top of my lungs, with my fangs contracting from the angry outburst. I retracted them after taking a few inhales and exhales, and made me a Margarita.

Okay, that was the post in First Person. Now, here's the Example post in third Person.

Example Post (Third Person): Pam had started cleaning the junk that the customers left behind on the floor. Maybe I should hunt the fucktards who decided to use my floor as a freaking wet mop, and force them to lick the alcohol off the floor! She thought angrily, while moving the mop over the big Alcohol puttles. After she had mopped, she checked for other bothersome things, and found none. "Well, I'm getting the hell out of here," Pam said to herself, lighting a cigarette, heading out the front door. She was protected from the Sunlight by her Daylight ring that Janice had made for her, and used her super speed, leaving Fangs and Games for now.
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Role Playing Example #1 (First Person and Third Person)
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