This is a crossover RP of Teen Wolf, The Secret Circle, The Vampire Diairies, and True Blood!
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Tue Jul 23, 2013 6:39 pm by Pam De Beaufort
Welcome to Crystal Waters - a gated community where the Supernatural beings and Humans can co-exist to maintain balance. Vampires have made this happen by broadcasting their existance throughout the world on Live Television, which convinced other Supernaturals to do the same as well, showing the Humans that they want to be at peace with them. However, a lot of things happen in this community that …

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Sat Jul 20, 2013 5:35 pm by Pam De Beaufort

Mature RP: We do allow Mature RP on the forum, especially since True Blood has adult language and content in it all the time. Try to at least keep it to a minimum though.

Short Posts: Please, no one-lined posts. If you can't think of anything, tell how your character is feeling at that exact moment (Joy, anger, fear, etc.) and describe the character's surroundings as well.

No God …

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 Katherine Pierce

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Katherine Pierce

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PostSubject: Katherine Pierce   Sat Nov 30, 2013 11:44 am

Name: Irene
Canon's Name: Katherine Pierce/Katerina Petrova
Nickname(s): You should probably avoid nicknames... But if you have a death wish, call her Kat.
Age: 537
Bithdate: June 5th 1473

Katherine is very manipulative and she takes pleasure in using her knack for getting people to do her deeds to favor herself. However, when people do that to her, they can expect vengeance, if if there’s something Katherine is good at, it’s getting her vengeance. She can patient if she needs to, and she will always plan things very meticulously so that nothing goes wrong. If something does go wrong, though, she always has a plan B.

There is another side to Katherine, though. Her humanity is still with her, though she never lets it show, and every once in a while she does something that shows that, though no one can tell just by talking to her, she can still care.

(I took it from my app at Crystal Waters, I hope that’s okay.)

Race: Vampire

History of how your character became what he/she is now?
The year was 1492. Katerina had been banished from Bulgaria to London as a result of having a child out of wedlock, and she was adapting to the way of the English people. On that year, she met a man named Elijah through another man, Trevor, and Elijah introduced her to who would later become her nightmare, his younger brother Klaus. At first everything seemed fine, but looks can be very deceiving. With time, Katerina learned the truth, she learned that she was actually a sacrifice.

With the help of Trevor, who’d fallen in love with her, Katerina managed to escape, and she was delivered to a woman her benefactor seemed to trust, Rose. However, upon learning the role the girl was supposed to play in Klaus’ ritual, Rose locked Katerina up in a room, claiming that she’d have her returned to the Original as soon as possible, which resulted in the girl stabbing herself in a attempt at suicide which only failed thanks to Rose’s blood. When the vampire returned, though, Katerina had hung herself with a rope, throwing her body into the process of transition.

General History:
After she was turned, Katherine went back to Bulgaria to find that her whole family had been killed. She gathered that it was Klaus’ way of getting revenge. Her hatred for Klaus began to grow.

Later on, in 1864, she travelled to the small town of Mystic Falls, where she was taken in by Giuseppe Salvatore. She quickly took a liking to his sons, Stefan and Damon, and she began to date the two of them. The first one that she flirted with was Stefan. Sweet Stefan, as she called him. Then came Damon, returning from the war. He was easier to seduce, and she actually slept with him before she slept with Stefan.

When the humans of Mystic Falls began to get suspicious of the presence of vampires, Katherine decided not to heed Pearl’s warnings and stay. She’d taken a liking to that small town, and she had no intention of leaving until she absolutely had to. It was only a matter of time before her true nature was uncovered, but she had an escape plan, was that was almost ruined by Stefan and Damon trying to rescue her. She’d struck a deal with George Lockwood that she would give him the moonstone if he would help her escape. As a result, she was saved from the fire and from being imprisoned in the tomb.

Many years later, she returned to Mystic Falls. During her stay there, she posed as Elena several times, toyed with the Salvatores with or without them knowing who she was, and even got trapped into the tomb where the other vampires that weren’t saved in 1864 stayed for over a century. Her main goal? To keep Klaus away from her. Inevitably, he learned that she was still alive, and she needed to keep him away.

(Also taken from my app on Crystal Waters)

RP Sample:
Quote :

(As Katherine on Crystal Waters)

One thought played itself over and over in Katherine's mind, and it wasn't a very happy one. "I'm screwed." That was all she could think about. She couldn't run anywhere, she was tired of it and she wouldn't have it anymore. Running was all she did for over 500 years, and she refused to keep on doing it. Where would it get her? She'd survive, but she wouldn't live. Her other option was to get the hybrid boy, but how? That was the million dollar question. He was with the Authority, and Katherine didn't really think she had a chance of getting him. She'd try, of course, and she'd act like she was sure that she would succeed, but that wasn't what she really thought. She had enough experience with Authority-like things to know how they worked. If the boy had been brainwashed by them, there was no way she was going to get him to join Russel, and so Katherine was sure that in around five weeks her heart was finally going to meet the outside world.

And that was how Katherine wound up in a bar, downing shot after shot and trying out drinks whose names she couldn't even pronounce. That way she got to at least dim out the little voices in her head telling her that she was as good as dead. It was the first time in years that Katherine truly got drunk, the first time in years she felt that strange, powerful feeling that she could do anything. And what was the anything Katherine thought about doing? Pay Damon and Stefan a little visit. She had no idea what she was going to do there, but something told her that she needed to go talk to him. Maybe it her subconscious taking advantage of her lessened guard, she didn't know not care.

Without hesitation, she walked in and called out their names.
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Pam De Beaufort
Pam De Beaufort

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PostSubject: Re: Katherine Pierce   Sat Nov 30, 2013 2:58 pm

ACCEPTED!!! Welcome To Crystal Waters/Dalcrest!

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

"Okay, here's the deal. I talk while you shut the hell up and listen. Deal?"
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Katherine Pierce
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