This is a crossover RP of Teen Wolf, The Secret Circle, The Vampire Diairies, and True Blood!
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Tue Jul 23, 2013 6:39 pm by Pam De Beaufort
Welcome to Crystal Waters - a gated community where the Supernatural beings and Humans can co-exist to maintain balance. Vampires have made this happen by broadcasting their existance throughout the world on Live Television, which convinced other Supernaturals to do the same as well, showing the Humans that they want to be at peace with them. However, a lot of things happen in this community that …

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Sat Jul 20, 2013 5:35 pm by Pam De Beaufort

Mature RP: We do allow Mature RP on the forum, especially since True Blood has adult language and content in it all the time. Try to at least keep it to a minimum though.

Short Posts: Please, no one-lined posts. If you can't think of anything, tell how your character is feeling at that exact moment (Joy, anger, fear, etc.) and describe the character's surroundings as well.

No God …

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     Grayson Hamby

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    Grayson Hamby

    Grayson Hamby

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    PostSubject: Grayson Hamby   Fri Oct 11, 2013 1:19 pm

    Name:Donald James Doland
    Character desired:Grayson Hamby
    Age:appears to be 19 years but is actually 38 years of age. Birthday: May 12th, 1975

    Personality:Cocky: He can be overly confident with his abilities as a Vampire.

    Stubborn: He can be extremely stubborn, especially when it involves doing something for someone. He doesn't like doing things for others unless it serves him purpose. The only two poeple he does things for are Kaitlyne and Russell (It depends on what it is)

    Protective: Grayson is very protective when it comes to Kaitlyne. Yes, he is loyal to Russell, but as his story progresses, Grayson will be more of a good guy, rather than being a Sanguinista.


    History: In the summer of 1994, Grayson Hamby is pronounced missing on a saturday afternoon, along with his girlfriend, Janice. Well, that would be true ... if they actually were missing. It turns out that Janice wasn't who she said she was. She is actually none other than Katherine Pierce. She had turned him into a Vampire and he completed his transition by drinking someone's blood that Katherine had captured and killed. Grayson and Katherine's relationship fell apart day by day. When Katherine had offered him to Klaus as a servant, that was it for Grayson. He left Katherine by herself in New York City by taking her car, and taking a flight to Italy to get away from everything. Knowing what he was now, Grayson started finding more of his own to hang around with, and that's when he met Russell Edgington and his group. Mr. Edgington took Grayson in, and showed how Vampires "should" act. Grayson would go out every night and prey on any Human he saw, whether they were an Adult or infant. He also shut off his Humanity so that way he wouldn't feel guilty for doing the things he had done during his stay in Italy.

    Grayson, having enough time partying with others, decided to party on his own, back in America. He was doing the same exact thing for a total of 8 years, and when the year of 2013 came, Grayson had met up with Russell again. Russell had asked Grayson to help him destroy the new gated communities, Dalcrest and Crystal Waters. Grayson gladly accepted Russell's offer, not knowing what would happen to himself. Grayson's first Assignment is too kill the Vampire Sheriffs that protect the two towns, but when he does attempt to, He get caught up in the affairs of a Vampire girl named Kaitlyne Mikaelson, that changes his life forever.

    RP Sample: Grayson walked into the underground rave that he was invited to go to by a girl that he had recently met. Her name was Candice, and Grayson thought she tasted wonderful. Grayson, however, killed her out of bordem after he had drained her dry. The music was blaring, and lights flashed all around the enormous room. People were high off of the narcautics people had smoked or ingested. He could also tell that most of them were drunk too. This place is perfect, The only Vampire in the building thought, forming a devilish grin on his face. Grayson counted to ten, and then soon after that ... The party for Grayson had just begun.

    Aproximately thirty minutes later ...

    Grayson had finished piling the bodies.The pile was abnormally huge that touched the ceiling. All of the corpses were drenched in blood, their clothes soaked as well. Some even had their hearts ripped out, thanks to Grayson. He didn't even get a single drop of blood on him. He pulls out a pack of ciggarettes and says, "That'll be it for today," while lighting it with a lighter and taking a drag.
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    Pam De Beaufort
    Pam De Beaufort

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    PostSubject: Re: Grayson Hamby   Fri Oct 11, 2013 2:39 pm

    ACCEPTED!!!! Welcome to Crystal Waters.

    [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

    "Okay, here's the deal. I talk while you shut the hell up and listen. Deal?"
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    Grayson Hamby
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