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Made-Up Canon List  I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 23, 2013 6:39 pm by Pam De Beaufort
Welcome to Crystal Waters - a gated community where the Supernatural beings and Humans can co-exist to maintain balance. Vampires have made this happen by broadcasting their existance throughout the world on Live Television, which convinced other Supernaturals to do the same as well, showing the Humans that they want to be at peace with them. However, a lot of things happen in this community that …

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Made-Up Canon List  I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 20, 2013 5:35 pm by Pam De Beaufort

Mature RP: We do allow Mature RP on the forum, especially since True Blood has adult language and content in it all the time. Try to at least keep it to a minimum though.

Short Posts: Please, no one-lined posts. If you can't think of anything, tell how your character is feeling at that exact moment (Joy, anger, fear, etc.) and describe the character's surroundings as well.

No God …

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 Made-Up Canon List

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PostSubject: Made-Up Canon List    Made-Up Canon List  I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 23, 2013 5:23 pm

Hey Guys! This list here is the complete set of Made-Up Canons that I have created. If you don't like a Face Claim, please let me know, and we can think of an even better one together! Also, if you're new, and you have a Character in mind that you'd like to be a Made-Up Canon that is new (OC), then PM  any of my Characters: Pam, Cassie, Stefan, Stiles, Grayson, and Klaus (My characters on the Crystal Waters RP is slightly different from the characters I have on the Rule The Night RP forum.). You can also PM me if you have any questions regarding The two separate types of Canon Lists, Rules, Character Applications - anything of that sort. I'll be more than happy to help with anything!

SIDE NOTE: ALL Made-Up Canons will be replaced by a new one only if they die. Also, please don't decide the fate of any character (getting killed, etc.).The new ones that replace the old ones will be for the next season (On Rule The Night and this site.) Please talk to one another before making a decision for someone so that way no arguements occur. If you disobey this, then you're character will receive a warning, and if he/she does it again (or multiple times) then he/she WILL be banned. Also, this list is on BOTH of the Sites, so if you want to be a different character on one of the two forums, go right ahead. First come, first serve.

Made-Up Canon List  Lawrence_2397638b

1.Victoria Anne McCall

Face Claim:Jennifer Lawrence

History: Victoria Anne McCall had mysteriously disappeared on her tenth bithday. She had been kidnapped and turned by the Alpha Werewolf named Ennis, who is apart of Deucalion's Pack. She was his most loyal beta, and one of the few strong ones too. She looked up to Ennis as a role model over time, getting the fact that he kidanpped her and turned her behind her. But something happened. Deucalion convinced Ennis to kill his Pack, and Ennis actually did. Victoria was the last one to have "Died", but she survived with the help of a small group of Witches (Cassie Blake and her Circle.) Victoria left the Circle after her wounds were fully healed, going after Deucalion, knowing where they had went. Beacon Hills, California - her childhood home. She had gotten stronger over time, and had found out that she was a True Alpha, like her cousin, Scott. She has moved with Scott and his friends to Crystal Waters, wanting to start new with her remaining family, and trying to get the whereabouts of Deucalion and his Alpha Pack.

Race: Doppleganger (Werewolf)

Status:Currently Available on both sites

Made-Up Canon List  Ashley-Greene-Fall-2012-DKNY-Jeans-4

2. Elizabeth Salvatore

Face Claim: Ashley Greene

History:Elizabeth Salvatore, Damon and Stefan Salvatore's niece started helping them the Klaus ordeal after finding out she was a Werewolf and had also been campeled by Katherine Pierce to beat her older brother Adrian to death. She had tried fighting Klaus on her own, trying to save Elena, but Klaus got the better of her, and forced to drink Elena's blood, and killing her, turning her into a Vampire/Werewolf Hybrid. She is still sired to Klaus. She lives with Damon, Stefan, Shane, Elena and Jeremy in Crystal Waters.

Race: Hybrid (doppelganger)

Status: Taken on both RP sites.

Made-Up Canon List  Tumblr_mmrcs2DiRB1qbb7qqo1_500

3.Natalia Argent

Face Claim: Jennette McCurdy

History: Natalia Argent is the cousin of Allison Argent. Natalia has been taught everything she knows about hunting from Gerard. She used to live with Gerard, but now with everything that has happened during the Kanima Incident in Beacon Hills, she now lives with Allison and her Uncle Chris, who have moved to Crystal Waters. She has gotten used to Scott, being what he is, but is cautious about the other Supernaturals living in Crystal Waters with them. She is a trouble-maker occasionally, and is the kind of person who will kill a Supernatural instantly if they come at her.

Race: Hunter

Status: Currently Available on both sites.[/u][/b]

Made-Up Canon List  Mitch_hewer__maxxie__3__by_aeriestream688-d5tqv29

4. Galvin Villiers

Face Claim: Mitch Hewer

History:Galvin Villiers has only been Kol Mikaelson's Progeny for a year. Galvin is like a son to Kol, showing him things that Vampires can do. Galvin however, doesn't like the thought of mainstreaming, but tolerates it the best he can, because he knows what will happen if he kills someone just once. The True Death. He ends up saving the life of Victoria Anne McCall, and the two of them have a relationship together, but keeps it a secret from Kol. He goes into town one day, and saves the life of a Human, who was being attacked by Supernaturals who are Anti-Mainstreamists, and after saving him, Galvin sees that the boy is just like him. That's when Galvin realizes that he and the boy are Dopplegangers to each other.

Race: Doppleganger (Vampire)

Status: Currently Available on both sites.

Made-Up Canon List  313236-perks-of-being-a-wallflowers-logan-lerman-graces-fault-magazine

5.Daniel Martin

Face Claim:Logan Lerman

History:Daniel Martin, Lydia's cousin who mysteriously vanished during the Kanima incident, has been a Vampire for almost a year. He was taken by an Omega Werewolf and was going to turn Daniel, but was killed by Rebekah Mikaelson, who was exploring the town for just a day. Daniel thanked her for saving his life and decided to not be the scared teenage boy he was by becoming a Vampire and Rebekah's Progeny. Daniel is treated like part of the Maikaelson Family, just like Jessica and Galvin. Daniel is Jessica's Mate, and they both don't really like Galvin all that well. Daniel one day goes into town, and meets Lydia. knowing that Lydia is here, he wants her to meet the Mikaelsons who have taken care of him.


Status: Currently Available on both sites.

Made-Up Canon List  67957-29877

6.Kevin James Hale

Face Claim: Aramis Knight

History:Kevin James Hale was said to Derek's Mother's first Child, but had mysteriously vanished. His mother tried to find her desperately, but with no success. The person that took him actually didn't really take him, but saved his life from Hunters. The person that saved him was Niklaus Mikaelson, the Vampire/Werewolf Hybrid ever made. Klaus turned the young Hale, seeing great potential in him, making him more stronger, but Klaus killed him because of his bond with Stefan Salvatore. Bonnnie Bennett brought him back as a Werewolf, but he lost all memories of his past life before meeting Klaus. Kevin now currently looks in Crystal Waters, hoping to find answers on where he possibly came from and who might be related to him, and he does. He bumps into Derek Hale, who knows who the boy is, remembering him in a picture that his mother kept. He is now currently living with the Salvatore's because Stefan protects him, while bonding with his family that ha has never met before.


Status:Currently Available on both sites[/u][/b]

Made-Up Canon List  Emily+Osment+osmentpng

7.Jessica Blake

Face Claim: Emily Osment

History: Jessica Blake is Cassie's cousin, who is supposed to be all grown up, but she is still looks like a Teenager. Well, she was turned by Elijah Mikaelson, saving her life from her Dark Magic that was consuming her. She is just like Elijah - Calm, somber, and very smart. She puts her Mate, Daniel first before anything else. Elijah sends her to Magical Acres, saying she has a surprise for her there. Jessica goes to Magical Acres and does find a surprise - Cassie, her younger cousin. They get to know each other, and Jessica shows Cassie that Vampires aren't all bad.


Status:Currently Available on both sites.

Made-Up Canon List  Florian%2Bbourdila05-1

8. Karmon Hale

Face Claim: Florian Bourdila

History:Karmon Hale was said to have died in the Fire, along with the rest of Derek's family, but he was the only Human who survived the Fire. He had ran from the Hunters, but had been caught by Deucalion and his Alpha Pack. Deucalion took Karmon hostage, and took him to Crystal Waters. Deucalion convinced Karmon that the rest of his family is dead, making Karmon join his Pack, having him kill an Alpha Werewolf amongst the Sanguinista group.

Race: Werewolf

Status: Currently Available on Rule The Night RP, Taken on Crystal Waters RP.

Made-Up Canon List  Hqdefault

9.Adrian Salvatore

Face Claim: Landon Libioron

History:Adrian Salvatore was thought to have been killed by his younger sister, Elizabeth, but before he was killed, Katherine gave a little of her blood to him by compelling him to drink it. Once he had died, he had woke up in the Mystic Falls Morgue, killing the Coroner and his assistant. Adrian then left Mystic Falls with Katherine, being dropped off in New York City. Adrian had wandered around the town, and had found another Vampire, who took him in and showed him how a Vampire "should" act. The person who took him in was Russell Edgington, the founder of the Anti-Mainstreamist group called the Sanguinistas. Even though he's not Russell's Progeny, he is treated as such, and is one of Russell's strongest Vampires.


Status: Currently Available on Rule The Night RP, Taken on Crystal Waters RP

Made-Up Canon List  BFgDs2QCAAE2S7-

10.Jessica Lockwood

Face Claim: Hailey Williams

History:Jessica Lockwood had moved to Crystal Waters not because Tyler moved there, but to interact with the other Supernaturals living in the area, since her parents did not approve of her 'friends', The Mikaelson Family. While wandering town, her and ex-boyfriend, Kol Mikaelson, bump into each other, and decide to give things a try again.


Status:Currently Available on both sites.

Made-Up Canon List  Img-thing?

11.Evon Haines

Face Claim: Luke Bilyk

History:Evon Haines, or who was known as Alexander Medici, is over 2,000 years old and is a member of the Vampire Authority's Council, along with Klaus. Evon and Klaus both make the decisions of the council together. Evon from time to time, goes with Klaus to hunt down the Sanguinistas, but doesn't do it for the Authority's benefit, but his own. His younger Doppleganger, Royce Demont, is a Sanguinista, and wants to personally kill him.

Race:Doppleganger (Vampire)

Status:Currently Available on Rule The Night RP, Taken on Crystal Waters RP.

Made-Up Canon List  Img-thing?

12.Royce Demont

Face Claim: Luke Bilyk

History:Royce, who is Evon Haines Doppleganger, starts causing trouble around Crystal Waters, when Russell orders him too. He is the leader of a group whenever he is out in the public with other Anti-Mainstreamists. He doesn't really trust Katherine Pierce, who had joined them recently, and watches her secretly.

Race:Doppleganger (Vampire)

Status:Currently Available on Rule The Night RP, Taken on Crystal Waters RP.

Made-Up Canon List  Mitch-hewer-hair-style-maxxie-dans-skins

13.Hayden Johnston

Face Claim:Mitch Hewer

History:Hayden Johnston, a seventeen year old boy, moves into Crystal Waters wanting to get to the Supernaturals living there as well, and on first day, he gets attacked by a Vampire who is a Sanguinista, but is saved by Galvin, who is his Doppleganger. Hayden and Galvin become friends after Galvin had saved his life. Galvin takes him back to his place, and Klaus sees the Doppleganger and wants his blood to make more Hybrids.

Race: Doppleganger (Human)

Status:Currently Available on both sites

Made-Up Canon List  Columbiana

14.Maxine Lambert

Face Claim:Zoe Saldana

History:Maxine Lambert became a Hunter after learning that her friend was a Vampire and attacked her. She killed her friend and that's when a mysterious Tattoo appeared on her arm. Every time she kills a Supernatural, the Tattoo gets bigger, running down her arm and body. She is the owner of the Hunter Bar in Dalcrest called "The Hunt", and has one objective - to kill the Supernaturals from the inside of the gated community, but while she is living in Crystal Waters, she's having second thoughts on what she had originally wanted to do when she falls in love with the Witch, Jake Armstrong.


Status:Currently Available on both sites.

Made-Up Canon List  Elizabeth+Gillies+Liz+3

15.Helena Chaimberlaine

Face Claim: Elizabeth Gillies

History: Helena Chaimberlaine is like a younger Faye, but not by much. She agrees with Faye about getting to know the Vampires, and goes to the Vampire Bar, Fangs and Games, and meets Galvin Villiers, and they both get to know each other quite well and become a couple.


Status:Currently Available on both sites.

Made-Up Canon List  Lawrence_2397638b

16.Janice Armstrong

Face Claim:Jennifer Lawrence

History:Janice Armstrong gets concerned about Jake when he starts seeing a girl. She senses something about her that is off, and decides to snoop through her stuff at her house, and finds out she is a Hunter. She confronts Maxine about what she found out, and Maxine says that she'll not kill Jake. Janice, seeing the truth in Maxine's eyes, decides to give her a try, but warns her that if she does kill Jake, she will hunt her down and kill her. Even though Janice is a member of Cassie's Circle, and is a beginner Witch, she was offered a job by Pam, and accepted it. One day, Janice gets attacked by some of the Sanguinistas, but is saved by her Doppleganger, Victoria Anne McCall.

Race: Doppleganger (Witch)

Status:Currently Available on both sites.

Made-Up Canon List  Megan_Fox

17. Jennette Stilinski

Face Claim: Megan Fox

History:Jennette Stilinski had moved with Stiles and the others, saying that Beacon Hills was boring, and wanted a new scenery, so she did. Megan tries telling Stiles that he should make up with Scott after she finds out that her younger cousin is now a Vampire.(This part of her history will come once after the thread where Stiles turns.)

Race: Human

Status:Currently Available on both sites.

Made-Up Canon List  Tumblr_mg5r9ie4kh1rhcwkdo1_250

18.Catiliya Argent

Face Claim:Ariana Grande

History: Don't let this girl fool you. Catiliya may seem sweet and innocent, but really, she can be a killer. She is only that way when Allison or Natalia are in trouble. She is one of the young women that Damon Salvatore turned in the nineteen hundreds. She was an Argent Hunter, but after becoming a Vampire, she put her past behind her. She lives in Crystal Waters and works for the Authority. She's another Vampire who doesn't like the Mainstreaming thing, but she tolerates knowing she'll die if she does break the rules. She has her own personal Human Donors that was provided for her Pam and Eric Northman. She walks into town one day, and meets Allison, who wants to know more about Catiliya, and be her friend, but Natalia is skeptical about her even though she's an older relative. She lives on her own, but usually stays at the Vampire Authority Headquarters because she's a Council Member, and sees it to be easier on her.


Status:Currently Available on both sites.

Made-Up Canon List  Lulu-antariksa-profile

19. Kateline Gilbert

Face Claim: Lulu Antariksa

History: Kateline Gilbert is one of the two of Elena and Jeremy's Cousins, who had got caught up in the aftermath of Klaus. Kateline was turned into a Vampire the same night Elena was turned. Stefan had saved her life from Rebekah after she had attacked her for stepping up to the Vampire. she isn't acting the Elena is with her transformation. She's accepting it just the way it is. She is sired to the Salvatore who saved her, and is willing to help him stop the Sanguinista threat that comes.


Status:Currently Available on both sites.

Made-Up Canon List  Liam-hemsworth-paul-wesley-vman

20. Shane Salvatore

Face Claim: Liam Hemsworth

History:Shane Salvatore was turned by Damon in the year of 1847. They had met in a bar in New Orleans, and once Shane told Damon his name, he killed him because of the ordeal with his father, Guisseppe Salvatore, who Shane mentioned as his father. Shane, even though he had every right to hate Damon, decided to be calm and collect about his new appearance. Shane is a mix of Stefan and Damon. He is very calm and collect most of the time, but if you make him angry, you might as well consider yourself dead.


Status: Currently Available on both sites.

Made-Up Canon List  Pomers0

21. Kaitlyne Mikaelson

History: Kaitlyne Mikaelson isn't really related to the Original Family, but she was given the last name because Rebekah saved her life and treated her as a younger sister. Rebekah had no choise but to turn her in 1889, when she learned that Kaitlyne had cancer. Kaitlyne accepted her new life, and had become a Vampire. To this very day, Kaitlyne is a member of the family who is trusted, but that trust will be tested when Kaitlyne falls in love with a Sanguinista.


Status: Currently Available on both sites.

Made-Up Canon List  6db0fda249baeeff91302b04b781787b

22. Grayson Hamby

History: Grayson Hamby is Jessica Hamby's cousin, who was thought to have died when Jessica was only ten years old. He didn't die - he was turned into a Vampire. His Maker is none other than Katherine Pierce. The two of them had drifted off, going their separate ways, and during his time alone, Grayson had met very powerful Vampire. That Vampire is Russell Edgington himself. after a while, Grayson had wanted to live on his own, but would still be loyal to Russell. Grayson had shut off his Humanity during his stay with Russell, becoming what Russell refers to as being a "True Vampire". Once Grayson got bored of having fun with himself, he went back to Russell, and that was the time the Sanguinistas had infiltrated the two merged communities before they had become gated. Grayson is one of the few Sanguinistas who have a daylight ring to do Russell's bidding during the day, and on one day where Grayson was adressed to kill the Vampire Sheriffs and their friends, he meets an extrordinary girl who to Grayson's eyes, seemed extremely beautiful; that girl is Kaitlyne Mikaelson. While dating Kaitlyne, he realizes that being a Vampire doesn't have to make him a monster, and decides to fight against Russell.

Race: Vampire

Status:Taken on Rule The Night, Currently Available on Crystal Waters RP.

Made-Up Canon List  Max-interview-2

Delbert Conant

Face Claim:Max Schnieder

History: Delbert Conant is Adam Conant's older cousin, who was thought to have died when he was sixteen. Adam had really looked up to him, like a brother. Delbert didn't die though. He was turned into a Vampire by Elijah Mikaelson, the Guardian of the Vampire Authority. He had to stay hidden from the public for a few years until no one recognized him again. One night, he met someone who he thought he'd never see again, and that person's Diana Meade, the former leader of the Circle of Witches who killed John Blackwell. The last time he saw Diana was her tenth birthday. He saved her life from her former boyfriend who almost killed her. He had no choise but to turn her because of her condition. Diana at first was mad, but then she got over it, and they actually became a couple. Delbert and Diana were living a stable yet fun life as Vampires, and then one day Elijah confronts them and tells them that Vampires are now out in the open and that there's a community where Supernatural beings and Vampires could exist, and the old Mikaelson offered the two young Vampires to be members of the Vampire Council, and they accepted the offer.

Race: Vampire

Status: Currently Available on both sites.

Made-Up Canon List  Selena-gomez-2013-650-430

Jennifer Robinson

Face Claim:Selena Gomez

History:Jennifer Robinson is one the Sanguinistas' powerful Witches. She uses Expression - one of the most powerful kinds of Dark Magic out there, that only works unless she kills a group of people, which explains the murders that will be rather constant, and the victims are all Vampires and why only Vampires is because Jennifer is going to meld those spirits together along with the blood from a Faeirie, a Witch of Dark Magic, other then Jennifer herself, and a normal Witch. Jennifer also wants to find a way where she can become a Vampire, but also keep her Dark Magic.

Race: Witch

Status: Currently Available on both sites

Made-Up Canon List  Thomas1

Andrew Stilinski

Face Claim:Thomas Sangster

History:Andrew Stilinski is Jasmine's and Jennette's young brother. He's fourteen years old, with Lukemia. Andrew almost passed away at the age of seven, but somehow, he was showing signs of his Cancer disappearing, but when Andrew got situated at his new home, his cancer came back. Not wanting the others to worry, Andrew doesn't tell anyone, but day by day, it gets worse. When his cancer spreads, Stiles notices right away with his new Vampire senses. Andrew then makes a choice to either live, or die. He chooses to live, and becomes a Vampire. (He will be a Human for most of the first season, but later on, he'll turn.)

Race: Human(Now), Vampire(Later)

Status: Currently Available on both sites.

Made-Up Canon List  500px-Cymphonique_Smile

26.Selene Glaser

Face Claim: Cymphonique Miller

History: Selene Glaser is another newly added member to Cassie's Circle before leaving Chance Harbor. Selene listens to Cassie and follows her rules, but she doesn't always agree with them. She however goes along with it like Melissa does, but when she dates a Vampire, she shows a side of herself that her Circle members have never seen before.

Race: Witch(Now), Vampire(Later)

Status: Currently Available on both sites.

Made-Up Canon List  Carolinesunshine

27. Amy Lynne Forbes

History: Amy Lynne Forbes is Caroline's younger cousin, who became a Vampire when she was sixteen years old. She was turned by her boyfriend who she killed after turning her. She didn't know about the Supernatural until it was too late for her. She wanted to call Caroline and tell her what had happened, but she thought that her older cousin wouldn't believe her, so she kept it a secret, but once she heard about Crystal Waters a few months after her transformation, she saw it as an opportunity to try and act normal again, but little does Amy know that her cousin is also living in the new town.

Race: Vampire

Status: Currently Available on both sites.

Made-Up Canon List  Kenton2013

28. David Argent

History: David Argent was a member of the Argent family. As a matter of fact, David is Natalia's older brother. He was dishonored by his parent because he didn't want to become a Hunter. He believed that supernatural beings were misunderstood people, and he wanted to befriend them. For that, he was tortured by his own family. One day, he managed to escape them. Over the years, he has not set foot in Beacon Hills, but when Crystal Waters started being talked about on the news, David went there to become friends with the Supernaturals but he didn't know that terrible events had happened in Crystal Waters, pertaining to his family. When he meets his sister and Allison there, he finds out the truth. After a few weeks of living in the Gated Community, David becomes friends with Scott and the others, however something happens to David that will change his life forever. (He and Devon are dopplehangers, but he nor the Teen Wolf characters know what a Doppleganger is yet. We'll just say that Stiles is looking into it more.)

Race: Doppleganger - Human(Now), Vampire(Later)

Status: Taken on Rule The Night, Currently Available on Crystal Waters

Made-Up Canon List  R%20Lynch%2007192013%202

29. Alan Salvatore

History: Alan Salvatore is the youngest Vampire of the Salvatore Family. He may be apart of the Salvatore Family, but he doesn't share the other's personalities like they do. He is also Elizabeth's and Adrian's older brother. Adrian tries to get him to side with him to help destroy the town, but Elizabeth and the others tell him to avoid his brother no matter what. Alan is stuck in the middle of choosing something that could change his life, and Alan doesn't know what to do.

Race: Vampire

Status: Currently Available on both sites.

Made-Up Canon List  Zendaya-Coleman-at-Like-We-Grown-set-16-560x761

30. Shanelle Bennett

Face Claim: Zendaya Coleman

History: Shanelle Bennett is Bonnie Bennet's younger cousin who had turned into a Vampire along with Bonnie's mother. She decided that she didn't want to be aging and dying when everyone she loves is living right in front of her, so she turned to, but now she is sired to Damon because of it. She and Damon argue a lot, but in the end they know that they are connected, even if they really don't like each other. Shanelle later on ends up falling for a Vampire that comes from one of her friend's dark past (Adrian Salvatore), but she learns that he is a Sanguinista. She takes it to the Vampire Sheriffs, especially Damon and Stefan, and they give her the order of killing him.

Race: Vampire

Status: Currently Available on both sites.

Made-Up Canon List  1335821859_halstonsage-467

31. Kristen Jewel

Face Claim: Halston Sage

History: Kristen Jewel is a Werewolf, looking for a Pack to join while living in Crystal Waters, not wanting to be an Omega. She joins Victoria Anne McCall's Pack, seeing that Victoria is a strong Alpha. But one thing is holding her back from helping the Vampires with the Sanguinistas. Her sister, Jaymee is one of them. Kristen must choose between her own blood, or the Pack she just recently joined. Which on will she choose? Pack ... or Blood ...?

Race: Werewolf (Omega)

Status: Currently Available on both sites.

Made-Up Canon List  Tumblr_mf8nwfaL4V1rwnoxxo1_500

32. Jaymee Leanne Jewel

Face Claim: Kaya Scodelario

History: Jaymee is Kristen's older sister, who is a Sanguinista - an enemy to the Vampire Authority. She became a Sanguinista because she's in love with Karmon Hale. She was an Alpha to a Pack back in New Orleans, but she killed her entire Pack all because of Deucalion. She gave in to Deucalion's small story about Power, and slaughtered the people was very close to, however she couldn't bring herself to kill Kristen, so she let her live. She will do anything to please Russell Edgington and Deucalion's Pack, even if it means killing innocent people. She can be very alluring so that she can fool people who are her actual enemy.

Race: Werewolf (Alpha)

Status: currently Available on both sites.

Made-Up Canon List  Tumblr_inline_mjkn3xlatv1qz4rgp

33. Aaron Donovan

Face Claim: Brenton Thwaites

History: Aaron Donovan is Matt's cousin. He's Matt's age, but like most of Elena's friends, he had gotten involved in the supernatural problems back when they lived in Mystic Falls. He was turned by Damon along with Vicky, but he was saved from himself by Stefan. Aaron blames himself still for what had happened to Vicky, but he has managed to keep his head held high, and decided to move with his only family left, and leave for Crystal Waters to start a new life, but when Aaron makes friends with the wrong crowd (Grayson Hamby, Adrian Salvatore, and Royce Demont), Aaron's life begins at another disaster waiting to happen to him, and his friends.

Race: Vampire
Status: Currently Available on both sites.

Made-Up Canon List  MV5BMTk0MzE4MDU4NF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNTA1MDU0OA@@._V1._SX640_SY963_

34. Garrett Jamison Gilbert

Face Claim: Ryan Hanson Bradford

History: Garrett is Kateline's younger brother and Elena and Jeremy's youngest cousin. He is living with Elena and everyone in Crystal Waters, but he doesn't know about the Supernatural. Elena and the others promised Kateline to never tell Garrett about what they are, and so they have. Garrett does not know that the Supernatural exist, but when the sanguinistas start knowing more about their enemies, they attack the ones who can't fight back, and Garrett is close to the top of that list.

Race: Human

Status: Currently Available on both sites.[/center]

Made-Up Canon List  Giphy

Face Claim: Collin Ford

History: Devon Stilinski is the second oldest sibling between Jennette and Andrew. He is like Stiles in many ways, but he doesn't get along with Stiles all that much now because he sort of blames him for getting Andrew and Jennette taken by Gerard with him. He has tried letting it the matter go, but for some reason, he can't get it out of his head. However, when he is caught up in the Sanguinista epidemic, he is forced to put his past behind him when Stiles is turned into a Vampire.

Race: Human

Status: Currently Available on both sites.
NOTE: Maxine Lambert on this list is the only one who is not in the first season all that much. She will be in Season 2 and once some of the other Made-Up Canons die off, I'll add more characters that going to be in the future season to come!
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Made-Up Canon List
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